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How We Help

An Energy Partnership Supporting Your Success

Innovative Solutions for Long Term Sustainable Success

Our multidisciplinary team is expert at delivering tailored solutions for the varying needs of business and public organisations. We take a partnership approach, taking time to understand the unique requirements and challenges of your organisation. Our services look to optimise energy usage, enhance efficiency, and develop greater sustainability, regardless of the sector within which you operate.

From cost-effective energy solutions that help businesses achieve their operational goals to energy procurement, efficiency audits, and compliance management support, our personalised approach delivers value to your business.

At UPA Energy, we’re committed to delivering exceptional service and value to our clients, whatever their sector, helping them thrive in an ever-changing energy landscape. Whatever your industry and energy needs, we have the expertise and experience to help drive your long-term success.


Tackling your energy challenges

Cost Control

UPA’s expert teams provide comprehensive energy management services, encompassing everything from energy accounting to tenant billing, forensic energy cost audits, levy exemption, and budgeting and accruals. We ensure that businesses have the expertise, tools and solutions they need to successfully manage, plan and control their energy costs.

Consumption Efficiencies

Understanding how your organisation uses energy is an essential first step in finding cost reductions. UPA Energy provides a range of services that identify and then deliver consumption efficiencies that make a real difference to your operating costs, both now and in the future.

Net-zero and Carbon Reduction

At UPA Energy we work with organisations of all sizes to help them become more sustainable. We do this by taking a comprehensive look at energy usage and developing measures to optimise energy consumption, enhancing overall efficiency while reducing carbon footprints.

Sustainability & Reporting Compliance

Our expert team works collaboratively to develop strategies that align with industry standards, reduce environmental impact, and contribute to a more sustainable future. We ensure that our partnership organisations adhere to regulatory frameworks and industry standards in their sustainability reporting.


Our Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of energy, ESG and water services.


A Partnership for Success

Working with UPA Energy helps you plan effectively, strengthening long-term resilience, and ensuring that energy usage is optimised and costs are manageable. With the right energy strategy in place, your business can increase profitability while reducing your environmental impact. Contact our team of experts to find out more about how we work.
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Contact us today to discover how our expert team can tailor innovative energy solutions to meet your organisational challenges. We’re here to answer your questions, discuss your requirements, and help you towards a more sustainable and cost-effective energy future.

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