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Energy Procurement

Your Strategic Energy Procurement Partner

Ensuring predictability, cost control and efficiency in energy pricing

Protecting your business against energy price shocks is essential when it comes to controlling costs. Our energy procurement services leverage our expertise and industry insights to navigate the complexities of energy markets. Using our sophisticated online energy platform EnSys, we ensure you can access the most competitive energy prices available.

Our expert team also challenges suppliers about tariff structures, unit charges, environmental levies and taxation, to ensure clients are never paying more than is necessary.

We also provide businesses with greater flexibility when it comes to contracts. Our alternatives range include longer-term fixed-rate supply contracts, allowing certainty in forecasts and budgets, and flexible purchasing arrangements, which enable larger businesses to benefit from movements in wholesale energy prices.

Our Energy Procurement Services

We provide a comprehensive range of flexible, risk-managed energy procurement solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our services include fixed-price contracts that provide stability and predictability in energy, while our compliant procurement frameworks ensure adherence to regulatory standards and best practices

Comprehensive market insights enable our clients to make informed decisions, capitalising on market trends and opportunities for cost-savings. Green energy solutions can enable businesses to reduce their carbon footprint as well as costs while building a sustainable future.

UPA Energy empowers our clients to successfully navigate energy procurement challenges with confidence, enabling them to leverage industry-leading expertise to support their long-term success.

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Our Energy Procurement Services


Industry Leading Energy Procurement Expertise

UPA Energy can help you access the most competitive energy prices for your business, helping you to control costs and plan effectively.

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