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On-site Generation

Harnessing Technology for Energy Independence

Tailored Renewable Energy Generation for Every Organisation

Integrating on-site generation can be transformative for organisations of all sizes, revolutionising their energy dynamics while enhancing operational resilience. Generating clean energy directly at their facilities through renewable technologies such as solar panels, wine turbines, or heat pumps, can give businesses greater control over their energy supply.

Businesses reduce their reliance on the grid, aiding resilience, while dramatically reducing operational costs. If the business has the space available, larger installation can feed into the wider energy supply, potentially generating income while helping moves towards greater national sustainability.

Systems can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of a business and can be scaled up or down depending on changing needs. On-site generation adds value to a company’s brand identity, helping them nurture a more sustainable image rooted in tangible action.

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Integrate On-Site Generation with UPA Energy

UPA Energy can help you take practical steps to integrate renewable, on-site energy generation into your business. We review your site and particular energy needs, then recommend the optimal service for your business.

Significant roof spaces can support solar PV, with some sites also being suitable for ground-level solar. Air or ground source heat pumps can provide cheap, reliable heating and hot water for businesses of all sizes, while radically improving overall energy efficiency. Combined heat and power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, is a highly efficient power plant that generates electricity and thermal heating from a single source of energy. Wind turbines are a popular choice for a range of businesses, with straightforward installation and maintenance requirements.

Some organisations may choose to combine two or more renewable energy sources to achieve high levels of energy efficiency and independence.

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UPA Energy are at the forefront of on-site generation development in the UK. We work with organisations to help them identify the most appropriate on-site energy solutions and then work to ensure smooth implementation and integration.

Contact our team of experts to find out more about how we work and what we offer.

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