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Estate Management

Strategic Management Service for a Sustainable Future

Finding Efficiencies, Streamlining Processes & Saving Money

UPA Energy provides a comprehensive set of services that takes the complexity out of estate management. We can help ensure that your properties are as energy efficient as possible through meticulous data collection, site services and energy data management.

We keep control of rising costs through the introduction of energy-efficient systems, leveraging innovative technologies to maximise energy efficiency throughout your estate. With tenant and void management, we can ensure that energy waste is minimised, reducing bills and supporting greater sustainability.

Our focus is on continual improvement and long-term partnership, creating firm foundations and supporting effective planning.

UPA Energy simplifies energy management across your estate while providing effective long-term solutions.

Our Cost Control Services

UPA Energy’s cost control services have been developed to empower our clients to better manage their energy expenses. Energy accounting offers detailed insights into energy usage patterns to identify areas of inefficiency and opportunities for improvement. Our tenant billing service streamlines the billing process and ensures accuracy and transparency while minimising disputes.

Through forensic energy cost audits we meticulously examine billing discrepancies, ensuring that our partners are not overpaying for energy usage. We also facilitate levy exemption assessments, helping businesses identify and claim eligible exemptions to reduce their tax liabilities. Through our budgeting and accruals service, organisations can gain a transparent view of energy consumption and costs, enabling accurate financial planning and forecasting.

With UPA Energy, businesses can achieve greater financial stability, operational efficiency, and sustainability.

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Our Estate Management Services

UPA Energy provides comprehensive estate management services designed to help businesses and organisations optimise energy efficiency and sustainability across diverse properties.

Our suite of solutions includes metering site services, ensuring accurate measurement and monitoring of energy usage at each location. Meticulous energy data collection provides valuable insights into consumption patterns and trends. With our energy data management expertise, we streamline the analysis of energy data, enabling informed decision-making.

Our services can also cover changes in occupancy and tenancy, ensuring smooth transitions and accurate billing. Void management can minimise energy waste during periods of vacancy to maximise cost savings and enhance sustainability.

Through our estate management services, organisations can gain greater control over energy usage across their portfolio, driving efficiency, and supporting effective planning.

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Comprehensive Estate Management Solutions from The Energy Experts

UPA Energy provides a comprehensive range of estate energy management solutions to control costs, streamline processes, and help you plan strategically.

Contact our team of experts to find out more about how we work and what we offer.

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