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Green Energy

Transforming Business Energy Use for A Sustainable Future

Green Energy Procurement & Generation for Long Term Sustainability

Green energy is at the heart of the sustainability agenda. If countries are to achieve ambitious Net Zero targets, business and other organisations will need to radically rethink how they procure and consume energy.

Integrating green energy across your organisation can deliver a significant range of benefits, from reduced costs to an enhanced brand image. Companies that prioritise green energy signal their forward looking approach, while working proactively to be better positioned to comply with any future legislation. Taking a comprehensive approach, organisations can support green energy generation through their procurement choices.

On-site generation can be transformative for organisations, helping them to significantly reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. Technologies such as solar PV, wind turbines, and air/heat pumps, can all play a role in helping organisations become more resilient as well as sustainable.

UPA Energy builds strong partnerships with our clients helping them to integrate green energy across their organisation.

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Our Green Energy Services

UPA Energy’s green energy services empower organisations to embrace sustainable energy solutions and reduce their carbon footprint. Our comprehensive approach to green energy procurement, compliance and generation can support your business in its sustainability efforts, helping to reduce costs and enhance your corporate image.

Our extensive range of services incorporate emissions certificates, enabling businesses to offset their carbon emission and demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility. Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), facilitate partnerships between businesses and renewable energy providers to procure clean electricity directly from renewable sources.

We can also assist your organisation in developing your own on-site generation, enabling your company to significantly reduce energy costs while enhancing resilience, and strengthening your brand image.

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Our Green Energy Services


Green Energy Advice & Support from UPA Energy

Green energy is a key building block for organisations looking to become more sustainable. Our expert team provides a range of green energy services to help your organisation reduce costs and become more efficient, while enhancing sustainability.

Contact our experienced team to find out more about how we work and what we offer.

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