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Energy savings opportunity scheme (ESOS)

Achieve greater energy efficiency, ensure compliance, and save money

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a government reporting scheme that is designed to promote energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and drive cost savings for larger organisations. Companies within the scope of ESOS are required to carry out audits of their energy usage daily for four years to identify energy-saving opportunities. The findings should then be reported to the Environment Agency.

UPA Energy provides comprehensive ESOS compliance services to enable organisations to meet their regulatory obligations and maximise energy efficiency. Our team can provide tailored solutions to guide clients through the ESOS process, from initial assessment to final reporting.

The ESOS process begins with a thorough energy audit of your operations, facilities, and processes. Our consultants work closely with you to assess energy consumption, identify any areas of inefficiency, and quantify potential savings opportunities. Through energy data analysis, site inspections, and stakeholder engagement we gain a comprehensive understanding of your energy profile.

A detailed report of the audit findings outlines energy-saving recommendations, cost-saving measures, and implementation plans. Our recommendations cover a comprehensive range of opportunities that deliver energy savings, that are also feasible, and provide a decent return on investment.

We can provide ongoing support and guidance to implement recommended measures, monitor performance, and track progress towards energy and carbon reduction targets. Through partnership with UPA Energy, you can turn ESOS compliance into an opportunity to drive continuous improvement in energy management and sustainability.

ESOS presents a valuable opportunity for organisations to identify and implement a range of energy-efficiency measures. Our experienced team enables you to successfully navigate regulatory requirements with confidence, unlocking potential savings opportunities, and achieving progress towards energy efficiency goals.

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Comprehensive ESOS Services from Industry Experts

UPA Energy supports organisations in achieving ESOS regulatory requirements while identifying opportunities for greater energy efficiency and cost-savings.

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