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Building Controls

Improve operational efficiency and building comfort with optimised building controls

Effective building controls are essential for optimising energy efficiency and operational performance while enhancing comfort for employees, customers, and visitors. Building control systems can encompass a range of technologies and devices that regulate and manage various building systems, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and security, to ensure maximum functionality while minimising energy waste.

At UPA Energy, we understand the importance of building controls in achieving energy efficiency goals and offer tailored solutions to maximise their effectiveness.

Building automation systems (BAS) and advanced control technologies help you to monitor, control, and optimise your building systems, taking into account factors such as occupancy, temperature, humidity, and time of day. Building controls can support adaptive strategies to meet specific energy management objectives. Elements such as programmable thermostats and occupancy sensors, support precise control over a range of building systems. This not only improves comfort and supports greater productivity, but it can also reduce energy consumption to avoid unnecessary heating, cooling, and ventilation.

Lighting controls are a critical component of building automation, allowing you to optimise lighting levels, duration, and usage to minimise energy waste. The right lighting control can help you achieve significant energy savings while maintaining appropriate lighting levels for activities. Integrating building controls across a range of systems can enhance operational efficiency while driving reductions in overall energy consumption.

By incorporating advanced control technologies and best practices in building control systems, you can achieve significant reductions in energy consumption, lower operating costs, and create more sustainable and resilient buildings.

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The expert team at UPA Energy can help you implement efficient building controls to improve operational efficiency, improve building comfort and reduce costs.

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