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Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

Supporting sustainable generation, reducing costs, and building stability

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are a key mechanism through which organisations can directly procure renewable energy, helping to achieve ambitious sustainability goals while reducing energy costs. PPAs play a pivotal role in growing the capacity of renewable energy and helping to decarbonise the electricity grid.

PPAs enable you to purchase electricity directly from renewable energy generators, such as wind or solar farms, under predictable, long-term contracts that can be highly competitive. By securing a stable, fixed price for your renewable energy over an extended period, you can protect your business against volatile energy prices, reducing exposure to market fluctuations. PPAs help you achieve a greater degree of budget certainty, facilitating more effective long-term planning.

PPAs also support the development of renewable energy projects through the provision of critical financial support and long-term revenue certainty. This empowers renewable energy developers to facilitate the construction of additional renewable energy capacity. This accelerates the transition to a low-carbon economy, creating economic opportunities, and stimulating job growth in the renewable energy sector.

UPA Energy can advise and facilitate corporate PPAs, guiding you through every step of the process from project identification and contract negotiation to implementation and ongoing management. Our varied team of experts uses industry insight and market expertise to secure competitive PPA terms that align with the goals and objectives of our clients.

Corporate PPAs enable you to demonstrate your commitment to environmental and corporate social responsibility, enhancing brand reputation while reducing costs.

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Our expert team can help your organisation navigate the complexities of PPAs, helping you achieve your sustainability objectives while meeting your financial goals.

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