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Behaviour Change Programme

Empowering positive change across your organisation

Human behaviour plays a critical role in energy usage and efficiency. By fostering greater awareness, and a culture of personal responsibility, organisations can harness the collective efforts of their workforce to achieve meaningful reductions in energy consumption and associated costs.

A behaviour change programme can support and underpin your efforts to optimise energy usage and become more sustainable. It is a strategic initiative aimed at influencing the attitudes, habits, and actions of individuals within an organisation to promote energy conservation and efficiency.

At UPA Energy, our behaviour change programme has been developed to empower employees, stakeholders, and occupants to adopt sustainable behaviours and practices that contribute to energy savings and environmental stewardship. We employ a variety of strategies and techniques to engage and motivate individuals to adopt energy-saving behaviours. This can include educational workshops, training sessions, awareness campaigns, and incentives to encourage participation and greater commitment to energy conservation goals.

Through our targeted approach we raise awareness about the importance of energy conservation and the impact that individual actions can have on overall energy usage. By equipping individuals with the information, resources, and tools they need, we empower individuals to make informed decisions and take proactive steps to reduce energy waste and inefficiency.

Our behaviour change programmes emphasise the importance of leadership, teamwork, and collaboration in driving lasting organisational change. We can engage employees across all levels of the organisation, from executives to frontline staff, helping to foster a sense of ownership and collective responsibility for energy management and sustainability. Behaviour change programmes can not only deliver energy savings, but can also provide enhanced employee engagement, morale, and satisfaction, creating a positive working environment.

UPA Energy’s behaviour change programme is customised to meet the unique needs and objectives of each client, ensuring relevance, effectiveness, and sustainability.

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Empowering positive behavioural change across your organisation

UPA Energy’s behavioural change programme can support long-lasting organisational change, positively impacting energy usage and sustainability initiatives.

Contact our team to find out more about our behaviour change programme and how it can help your organisation achieve its goals.

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