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Environmental, Social and Governance Disclosures

Building trust through transparency and accountability

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) disclosures are an increasingly common requirement for businesses. Providing a comprehensive overview of an organisation’s performance in key ESG areas, ESG disclosures allow stakeholders to assess its environmental impact, social

Environmental disclosures will typically cover aspects such as carbon emissions, waste management, energy consumption, and environmental risk. Through disclosures, you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Areas for improvement can be identified, with strategies to enhance performance and mitigate growing environmental risk outlined.

Social disclosures will focus on a range of human capital issues, such as diversity, inclusion and community engagement. By disclosing social performance metrics, you can showcase your efforts to become more inclusive, harnessing the potential and talents of a wider spectrum of people.

Through governance disclosures, you can provide insights into your governance framework. Typically encompassing corporate governance structures, board diversity, executive compensation, ethical standards, and risk management practices, they provide a comprehensive overview for stakeholders.

Effective ESG disclosures can support informed decision-making by investors, customers, employees, and other stakeholders. By enhancing transparency and accountability, ESG disclosures help build trust and credibility with stakeholders and customers and strengthen brand reputation. With a strong ESG record, you can attract long-term investors who prioritise sustainable, ethical, and responsible business practices.

At UPA Energy, we specialise in helping you develop and implement effective ESG disclosure strategies tailored to your unique needs and objectives. Our team of experts provides comprehensive support throughout the disclosure process, from data collection and analysis to report preparation and communication with stakeholders

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Comprehensive ESG disclosure advice, preparation and support from UPA Energy

Our ESG disclosure service enables you to showcase your ESG credentials while enhancing transparency and accountability.

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