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Empowering Your Business Energy Strategy

At UPA Energy, we're dedicated to revolutionising energy management for businesses in the UK. With our expertise, innovative solutions, and commitment to sustainability, we empower organisations to optimise their energy usage, reduce costs, and embrace a greener future.


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Unlocking Efficiency, Sustainability, and Cost Savings for Your Business

Our comprehensive suite of energy services has been developed to help organisations meet a range of complex and evolving energy challenges. From energy procurement to sustainability consulting, our carefully tailored solutions can help you become more efficient and sustainable.


Addressing Key Challenges & Delivering Sustainable Growth

Net-zero and Carbon Reduction

We help organisations meet ambitious Net Zero and carbon reduction targets, through targeted initiatives that reduce environmental impact. By transitioning towards sustainable energy sources, businesses can become more sustainable and help to combat climate change.

Sustainability & Reporting Compliance

Our sustainability reporting and compliance services assist companies in meeting regulatory requirements while ensuring transparency and showcasing dedication to responsible energy management. We help to foster stakeholder trust while enabling sustainable business practices.

Cost Control

We develop cost-control strategies that ensure optimal spending, enhance your operational efficiency, and mitigate financial risks. We enable organisations to maintain a competitive advantage while ensuring they meet their environmental responsibilities.

Consumption Efficiencies

Through streamlining energy usage, reducing waste, and optimising resource allocation, we can enhance your operation performance and minimise your environmental impact. Intelligent consumption efficiencies help to build long-term financial and environmental sustainability. 

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Tailored Energy Solutions for Every Industry


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We offer a comprehensive suite of energy, ESG and water services.

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